A Macaroni Penguin Photo by Jay Ruzesky on Unsplash

“Sweet mother fishsticks! I almost forgot.” Macaroni Penguin stopped in his tracks. “If I don’t pick up something for Boo Boo she’ll never forgive me. Hmm, a gas station ought to have something nice in it, right?”

Angst Literatures

A photo of a gray-langur

Gray Langur rushed into her room and dropped dramatically to the bed for an audience that wasn’t there. “Oh life, my life. So dark and dreadful. Dreary, dismal, and dank. What I have done to deserve you? Oh, woe is me. Only the language of poets can console me on such a day. Quickly, I must have pen and paper while the fever is upon me.”


A photo of a flamingo

“Look, they’re taking our class picture tomorrow and I want to be perfect.” Flamingo explained to her gathered friends. “Now, just sit there and tell me which of these poses looks the best. Leg one? Or leg two?”

Dinner Will Never Be the Same

A picture of a shrew

“Excuse me!” Smokey Shrew suddenly stood up from the dining table looking just as surprised her guest did by her last comment, and made a bee line for the ladies room. “I can’t believe I said that. Why did I say that? I never speak in such a manner.”

Age Defying

A photo of a sumatran elephant.

“Excuse me,” Sumatran Elephant tapped the counter attendant on the shoulder, “coud you point me in the direction of the creams, specifically the face creams? The soothing spackle, wrinkle hiding, pore filling, crease defying, turn your face into clear coated marble creams? Yes, those? I’m asking for a friend who looks an awful lot like me.”

The Village Contract

A photo of a sociable-weaver bird

“What now?” Sociable Weaver snapped at the ringing telephone. “This better not be another solicitation for widows and orphans, or a call from that community outreach crap that’s always looking for volunteers. Or a handout. i’ve had it with everybody. Everybody! Oh, all right, hello? Hello?”