Tug on my Antler

A Caribou Photo by 223 223 on Unsplash

Caribou’s head snapped up. Looking across the herd he saw a familiar face staring back at him. “You smell it too?”

Poor Planning

After setting up his umbrella and placing his gear within easy reach, St. Bernard sat back in his beach chair and almost just started to relax when, “Am I forgetting something? I feel like I’m forgetting something.”


A Turkey Vulture Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

Turkey Vulture knocked back the bourbon left in the glass then picked up the bottle. “You my friend, give me purpose. A very grim, dark purpose. Well I, I suppose I should thank you.”

Circus Act

“You want me to do what? With this?” Chicken looked at the orange again. “Are you kidding? An egg, sure. I can handle that. But this? Cluck you, buddy.”