Romantic Airs

Hoolock Gibbon stared intently at the miniature portrait of her beloved that was done discreetly and hurriedly by her own hand as he was walking his young students through the nature park on a Wednesday not too distant while she hid amongst the holly and ivy near the western gate. “Oh my sweet, my heart, how I do admire your stride.”


“Yes, I need a cab, please, right away.” Nicobar Treeshrew said into the phone. “Thirty-three Old Sawyer Lane. Yes. Please, do hurry I’m in a bit of a rush.”

Just Checked In

A Humpback Dolphin Photo by Yash Patel on Unsplash

Humpback Dolphin sat alone at the table with his slice of cake. His guests were long gone after surrendering to his snipes, jabs and insults born of his own insecurities. “So, looks like I’m still good at dishing out. I wish they’d do the same and quit being so sensitive to my… um… to me. This condition of mine.”

First Records

“Here, light me.” Himalayan Mole held out his cheap cigar to a mechanic in the hangar while looking out the open doors at the airplane on the runway. “Is she ready? Am I ready? Wait, don’t answer that. Just light this thing and let’s get going. We’re losing daylight as it is.”

In an Eye

A Bluetick Coonhound photo

“All right, let’s do this. I said I wasn’t, but I’m going to anyway.” Bluetick Coonhound poured a bourbon, sat down on the couch, and tuned in the beauty pageant. Then abruptly getting up, “Naw, I’m going to need a double.”

Evening Falls

A Tibetan Gazelle Photo by Jaliya Rasaputra on Unsplash

Tibetan Gazelle set the alarm clock down on the nightstand. “I know it’s an early alarm but I’ll try not to wake you when I leave. Now, about that good night kiss?”

Evident Domain

A Blanford's Fox Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

Blanford’s Fox admitted to the inspector, “Yes, I do bear a great deal of responsibility for this province but it’s the choice I make to be responsible for what I choose. I think.”