The Story Begins

Thanks for joining me as we relive a golden era of storytelling from the early years of the Atomic Age.

I never was any good at this. — Ponyard Kipling

One At a Time

A photo of a golden-glavcot

“What is that noise? Oh, it’s you.” Golden Glavcot looked at the alarm clock and swatted it off. “I must have slept anyhow. How rude of you to interrupt. Well, better get moving, journey of a thousand starts with a trip to the loo.”

In Truth

a tiger Photo by Ian Robinson on Unsplash

“I’d rather count stitches and knit.” Tiger said firmly as she set her needles down. “If the rest you dears want to talk politics, then I’m going to go put the kettle on and make tea.”

By the Hour

A marmoset Photo by Paulo Infante on Unsplash

Doctor Marmoset hit the intercom button. “Miss Duck? How many more appointments do I have today? Oh that many? Really? It’s only 8 a.m.? Well then, what time is lunch? With my wife? Are there any cancellations? I know I’d like to make one. Very well, send the next one in, and bring me a pot of coffee, please?”

The Sweet

“Yes, I know that’s your favorite parking spot. Yes, you park there everyday. Yes, everyone knows you call it your spot, but,” Donkey said to Stoat, “parking spots are not assigned. You can’t claim a parking spot. I’m not moving my car for once. And you can’t expect the same spot to be open every day when you’re always late!”