The Story Begins

Thanks for joining me as we relive a golden era of storytelling from the early years of the Atomic Age.

I never was any good at this. — Ponyard Kipling

And Work It

Photo of a Lesser Mole Rat

“Oh look, here comes the high muckety-muck now.” Lesser Mole Rat whispered to the other litter bearers. “How much you wanna bet he wants a breeze in his hair today?”

Business of Family

“Well what the… where did you get that?” Common Genet pointed at the pole his son was holding. “And is that a bucket of live bait? Oh no. No son of mine is resorting to that. I’m heading the bait shack right now. You stay put mister.”

Now Hear This

A Marmot Photo by Miguel Teirlinck on Unsplash

“You see it’s simple. If it sounds like a train, it’s incoming. If it sounds like thunder, it’s outgoing.” Bobak Marmot cocked an ear to one side. “Oh dear, sounds like the eight-fifteen is on time. To your holes everyone!”