The Story Begins

Thanks for joining me as we relive a golden era of storytelling from the early years of the Atomic Age.

I never was any good at this. — Ponyard Kipling

By Degrees

Heaving, panting, exhausted Eastern Mole reached the top of yet another hill. “That’s it. No more, this is one the one. I’m dying right here… wait, wait. What’s that one like over there?”


A photo of an african clawless otter

“What’s my line? What’s my line? No, no, I got it. I got it.” African Clawless Otter picked up the brush and mirror just as the director yelled for action. “Wait! What’s my line again?”


A photo of a bush-rat

“It looks like rain everyone, so we’ll have to move the tents up the hill I’m afraid.” Bush Rat grimaced inwardly as the squad outwardly groaned. “Sorry about that. Just one of those things, I suppose, weather being weather.”

Gaze Widely

A Warthog Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

Professor Warthog waited patiently as his astronomy class settled into the outdoor seating and become aware of the vaulted night sky above them. “Look all you want, take your time, and point out what catches your interest to your fellow students. This view has been waiting for you for a very, long time.”

How It Plays

A Black Panther Photo by Ash Edmonds on Unsplash

“But your, Honor, it wasn’t me.” Florida Panther objected. “Yes, I had the brick, but I had just picked it up from the sidewalk. The window was already broken, Flamingo, she’d already fainted, and I don’t know how the fire got started. I was just on my way downtown to see Duck.”