The Story Begins

Thanks for joining me as we relive a golden era of storytelling from the early years of the Atomic Age.

I never was any good at this. — Ponyard Kipling

That Eureka Moment

A photo of a racka goat

“I think I have it down!” Racka, eager to impress her new classmates, jumped up before her professor could finish. “Mobius strip should be something classy-like, I think, traditional music and some hip movements like this, nice and snake movements done slow…”

Art is Longer

An Osprey Photo by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash

Osprey typically enjoyed his profession of art critic, but then again. “Oh, what is this? What the fishcakes is this? What is it supposed to be? I can’t critique what I can’t comprehend.”

Famous Lastly

A photo of an araucana chicken

Araucana went over the lines in his head as they marched him to the wall. “I hope someone is recording this. It’s going to be good and you don’t want it to slip away on the breeze. I’m just saying…”

Foreseeable Future

A photo of an orca

“Another. And make it a double.” Orca ordered. “I thought this day couldn’t get any worse and now I find out that not only do I need to lose a couple of hundred pounds, but my eyesight is getting worse as well. At least my liver is still healthy. For now.”

Buzz on the Street

A photo of a leaf muntjac

Leaf Muntjac leaned in close to the table of gathered friends. “I’m not really saying this, but I’m sure you’ve heard. Everyone’s best friend, Bluebird, has been dyeing her feathers. She’s been at it for years! She’s actually a Robin. Isn’t that rich!”